One-Page Marketing Plan: How To Create A Marketing Plan Easily (Template inside)

Marketing is important – there’s no denying that. One of the main challenges when it comes to creating a marketing plan is deciding where to start. It can get confusing, and complicated pretty fast. But it doesn’t need to be if you use a simple (and effective) tool like the One-page marketing plan.

The One-page marketing plan is a great tool for entrepreneurs. It simplifies the whole process of planning your marketing without having to spend hours and hours on it.

There are a few versions of this tool online, but our favorite is G2G’s one. Get2Growth has done a great job of putting together a simple and effective version of this tool. Get the One-Page marketing plan template (along with details of how to use it) here.

Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like:

one page marketing plan template
One-page marketing plan template

Marketing is one of the most important pillars of starting (and running) a successful business, but it doesn’t need to be confusing.

We at TBLC want to help you avoid the struggle and confusion that lots of new entrepreneurs face when it comes to creating a marketing plan.  So we hope this helps.

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