How to create your own logo for free, in less than 10 minutes!

Did you know that you can create a decent logo for your business yourself, without having to hire a designer? When starting a new business, every penny counts. Time also is of the essence. So read on to find out how to create your own logo for free, in less than 10 minutes!

A word of caution before you move any further: people get far too stressed about having a logo, even before they start their business.

Yes, having a logo is important. But not nearly as important as the primary aspects of starting a business (like validating your idea). Most people pay far too much attention to the logo when starting their business. In the early days, all you really need is a good-enough logo. You don’t need something earth-shattering, mind-boggling, incredulously amazing! You DO NOT need the world’s best logo when starting off! 

Understand your priorities. Take care of the really important stuff first. If you absolutely need something, there are ways to easily create one without having to spend a lot of time or money. 

The tool I most recommend for DIY design tasks like this is Canva.

It’s a great free tool for entrepreneurs, and enables you to do stuff like create your own logo in 5-10 minutes, if not less!

Here’s a short video tutorial on how to create your own logo:

Check it out, play around with it. But be careful about how much time and energy you spend on this. Remember what I said earlier about priorities.

Spend the most time on the most important tasks.

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