Branding 101: How to brand your new business

Branding is one of the key elements of building a business. Every business has a brand (actually, everyone does!), whether they know it or not. So read on to find out more about branding, and how to brand your new business.

What is a brand?

If you’re reading this, then you are very likely just starting in business, or considering starting one.

So what is a brand?

Here’s a definition: “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer” (source: Wikipedia).

Simply put, a brand is whatever people think about when they think of a business or person. So when people think about Nike for example, they think of Nike’s logo and their shoes, among other things. Same goes for Apple: people think about their apple logo as well as how it would feel to get one of their products (unless of course, you’re not into Apple…).

You get the idea.

Brand vs Branding

Now that you know what a brand is, the next step is to understand branding.

Branding is basically the process of establishing your brand. So for a new business, it will be based on how you want people to perceive your business. This will include things like logo, USP, brand colours, brand message, mission, etc. Anything and everything you want your customer to know about becomes part of your brand.

Why creating a brand is important

It’s important to consider how your brand will be perceived, and how you want it to be perceived. Your brand will conjure up an image in your customer’s mind – if you don’t actively create a brand, the image that will be conjured will be a confusing one, and can even be negative!

So either you define your brand, or it will be defined for you.

A new business needs every edge it can get, so putting some thought into how your business is perceived is important.

So how do you create a brand?

Creating your new business’s brand starts with defining your brand. What is it about? What does it stand for?

Defining Your Brand: The First Step In Your Marketing Strategy

Once you have the guiding principles for your brand, you can get down to the tangible elements, like your logo etc.

What’s next

If you still have some confusion about how to brand your new business, then check out this guide: How to build a brand.

We hope you found this article on how to brand your new business useful. If there’s anything else about branding you’d like to learn or have any suggestions, let us know in the comments!


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